“ack, ack, ack”. I got hacked. Truth is, now business will never look back.

Thanks, web-bot or whomever low life miscreant, now the world is deprived of seeing my eclectic view on graphics, photography and marketing.

Oh woe, woe and thrice woe…

Whilst to some (a web-bot at least), that may be a good thing. I will nevertheless, eventually put up new stream-of-consciousness ramblings that is synonymous with that must-have mark-e-tang thang now called ‘blogging’.

OK I am just kidding. No blog going on here. Hope you like my picture from a space sim game I’m playing, instead of spending my spare time delivering pithy (stolen) marketing nuggets. (long story, be warned).

A space attack game is possibly a step up from weekends occupied by soldering together auto-navigating video drones. Discuss?

For real: Join those who hack or join the ‘ack-ack-acks’
Ask me more about a navigable universe of 40 bill-i-yon stars (UK biwyon not US of Americola Bil-yawn) or about marketing automation programs of which I’m equally effusive.

To find out more about how to hack it through the current marketing paradigm shift and what that might have in connection with automated marketing systems simply hit subscribe – you’ll also make a web bot look really stupid.

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